The Red Alert
The Red Alert


Magic Monday

(Ghostly International)

Record Review by Adam McKibbin


The artwork on Magic Monday is a kaleidoscope of crazy.  Designed by Miami art collective FriendsWithYou, it’s an explosion of chaotic color – childish and whimsical with a futuristic spin on some of the apparent architecture that exists within the Magic Monday universe.  As the excellent lead track “Triple Chrome Dipped” progresses, then cedes the floor to other standouts like the ambient “Believe In It” and the propulsive “Bumper Car Masters,” it’s clear that the album is more about the present and the future than the past.  There’s a playful nature to Magic Monday, yes.But this is music for grown-ups – for train rides to work and headphone hibernation and one last glass of wine with friends.


Magic Monday marks the debut of Adrian Michna (alias: DJ Egg Foo Young), although he is already a known entity, having done production for Diplo and earned inclusion in URB’s “Next 100.”  There are festive embellishments throughout the album, like the regal fanfare that starts “Redline Flights” before giving way to a skittering electro beat.  The brief “Italian Visitor” shows a touch of New Orleans brass, while the swinging funk of “Skunk Walk” tips its hat to the rhythms of Miami (where Michna spent time in the ‘90s).


He intercuts the bright electronic melodies with sound collages from the Big Apple – voices speaking from the ether, including someone on the street singing him the immortal chorus of “Sweet Caroline.”  Sleek and modern, Magic Monday sometimes is content to recede into the background, making any action that’s being carried out seem a little bit more urbane by extension.  The standouts are immensely enjoyable, adding up to one of the most satisfying electronic debuts of the year.


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