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The Red Alert

Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Two Bedroom Apartment

Record Review by Amber Henson


Although I do enjoy singers like Aimee Allen and Maria Taylor, I’m always a little sad after listening to their albums.  There’s something melodramatic and maudlin about their tracks and the way they use their voices to sing of seriousness and sadness.

Clearly, a woman who’s named her ‘band’ Danielle Ate the Sandwich has a sense of humor.  Which isn’t to say that the other women don’t, it’s just a matter of how they want to project that to their listeners.  And anyone who names a song “We Are Hot Dogs” is clearly attempting to make me chuckle.  And Danielle Anderson does a good job of it.

Two Bedroom Apartment is Anderson’s first album that was recorded in a music studio, and the sound is really quite professional.  Anderson’s voice occasionally reminded me of Judy Garland (not in that her sound is the same, really more her inflection of the words) and sometimes Sarah McLachlan (in that her voice is just as strong when she’s whispering the lyrics as when she’s close to yelling them). Her voice is clear and beautiful, almost unbelievable. 

The lyrics are smart (“I have watched your infomercials that threaten bigger muscles to those who stay up late enough to order”), funny (“I am trying hard to fake a pleasant disposition”), sometimes in a sad way (“I used to date a beauty queen, and now I hug an M-16”), and sometimes sound almost like alliteration (“I am pagan in my pondering”). She employs what seems the musical instrument of this century, the ukulele, along with cellos, trumpets, and my favorite, plucked violins.
The last track, “American Dream” charmed me with its harmonic background singers and its disestablishment subject matter.  I hope that Anderson brings the singers along on her short US tour she’s about to embark on.  Let me know if you see her, as she won’t be passing through Los Angeles this time. And also let me know if her voice is really just that amazing.



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