The Red Alert
The Red Alert

Circa Survive

Avalon - March 24, 2007

Live Review by Alexis Roberts


Since Circa Survive formed a few years ago, they have done nothing but gain momentum. With every tour they have done, they continue to draw larger and larger crowds. Slightly more than two years ago, I watched Circa perform in the basement of Jerry’s Pizza in Bakersfield. Then they moved up to the Knitting Factory, the Glass House, The Henry Fonda, and now sold out shows at The Avalon—and in another month Coachella. It’s no wonder that Circa Survive draws such a large crowd with a very eclectic range of fans; they really do put on a great show.


It seems that they have caught on to the recent trend of projections that has sort of worked its way back into style. Circa definitely is the kind of band that can pull off having the projections, and the images were appropriately correlating with their style of music (NOTE: Projections are not for everyone. Please use projections with care). Their style of music is very ethereal and seductive. Singer Anthony Green is downright hypnotic on stage and the crowd went insane every time he spoke a few words in between songs. There were so many kids pushed up against the barricade just hoping to be able to grab his hand should he come down off of the stage into the abyss separating him from them.


Watching them perform as a band is always enthralling because of the way that they all move and interact on stage. They sway with their own music and every member is so focused on what they are doing that the band dynamic just happens naturally, and Green’s dance moves are not to be missed. He is somewhat of a man-siren for lack of better terms. Men and women alike find him attractive and his unusually high-pitched voice beckons to you and begs you to listen. You can’t deny him.


They played a new song titled “Semi-Constructive Criticism,” which will be on their new album out in May, On Letting Go. With the release of a new album, that normally means a vigorous touring schedule, and that means that there will probably be many more chances to see them in 2007. Circa Survive is known for touring relentlessly and this new album kind of came up out of nowhere. You wonder how they find time to write when they are on the road so often. This being their sophomore album, I hope to see it bring them just as many good things as their first album, Juturna, did.


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