The Red Alert
The Red Alert

Angels & Airwaves



Record Review by Marcel Feldmar


It’s a little strange to admit, but there is something about this band that I really like. If I can actually manage to admit that to people, they look at me like I’m crazy – “that blink-182 band? That emo rock?” – well – yeah… I do have to say that I enjoy the debut We Don’t Need To Whisper a little bit more… but this I-Empire thing is very much like a sequel. It’s like it could’ve been called “Sometimes We Whisper a Little Bit, Though” or if they wanted to be clever like the wonderful movie title maniacs who came up with the concept of titling the sequel to the Descent – The De2cent, (I don’t even know how to pronounce that) they could’ve gone with “We Don’t Need 2 Whisper” unless that was just going to confuse all the Prince fans, and there would be some Blink/Prince brawl in a Vegas parking lot. But I wander away from the music…


Back on track – yes – I do like this music. I just have to really be clear here – the MUSIC. If Angels & Airwaves went instrumental I would be first in line to snap up tickets and t-shirts and shout out my joy to the world. The guitars and the bass lines play off like some perfectly updated Cure riffs, the drums are steady solid rock with unexpected twists of excitement and dynamics, the rolls pulse, the rock pushes, and it makes me feel young again (makes me feel like I am fun again…). There are superb sonic journeys into some space-age U2 anthemic explosions, there are moody moments of guitar string introspection, there are those damn drumbeats that make me bite my lip in awe, there are moments of bass playing intensity that sends chorus after verse into my pulse and I’m humming the songs for days… but there it is again, the point, the crux, the rub. Humming, not singing. It’s all about the MUSIC. Every time that voice starts singing along with the melodies, the rhythms, I feel my neck tighten and I do a cringe thing. If I’m in a good enough mood, I can take it, and move through each song pretty much happily, even if I end up with a slight neck ache. If I’m not in a good mood, I pretty much have to get through the entire album with my finger on the “skip to the next song button.” That’s not fun, and do you know how frustrating it is to listen to an album of 13 intros? Granted, they are wonderful intros – but I’m going to be so much happier when someone decides to put out the special edition Angels & Airwaves album with the extra no-vocal disc.

Angels & Airwaves I-Empire cover


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